Monday, Monday…

More snow?!  I’m not going to escape using the snowblower. Bought two new gas cans, filled them up. The guy went to fill sand bags for ballast, drove off and left cans sitting alongside the road. Merry Christmas to whomever found them. I’m not even going back to see if they’re still there. At least gas is down to $1.50 a gallon or less so I didn’t lose much, maybe $8 in fuel plus $6 per new can. He keeps joking about losing his memory. Hmm. I’d laugh, only the snowblower NEEDS the gas for me to plow the driveway so I have to get out and to town before I get really snowed in.

Things have warmed up considerably here. Last night was well above zero where several nights in a row temps dropped below that mark. I could feel the cold permeate these old logs, seeping in through the cracks. Both stoves going could keep up, but letting one or the other go out meant losing ground quickly. Water froze in the dog’s dish by the kitchen door so no wonder the feet were cold. I live in my down-filled slippers, and even a trip to the outhouse don’t get them off my feet. If only they had non-skid soles I wouldn’t feel like I was risking bodily harm just to go pee…

Well, today’s the day to get things done. To town for gas, a little Christmas shopping, and then back to plow the driveway. There are days when you feel like hunkering down and waiting it out, but this isn’t one of them.  Neighbor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at Thanksgiving and I hear her husband’s place of employment is laying off. I think my errands will include a little holiday cheer wrapped and delivered to their doorstep. Merry Christmas to all.


Thanks for reading; feedback welcome.

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