Another one bites the dust…er…snowbank

So 3 days away from the snowblower and the driveway is impassable. Neighbor assured me there were only 6 inches, don’t worry. Hmm. I’ll loan him my yardstick or tape measure or even my boots because they’re a pretty good gauge of snow that’s deeper than 6 inches. When they fill up you know it’s at least a foot or more. So, at the bottom of my two-tenths of a mile-long drive which, by the way, is a steep climb in 4wd, sits my truck. Parked. Stuck. In the snow. In multiple 6-inch increments of the white stuff. I am at the top of the road, cozy in my snug little cabin at 4:30 a.m., having been up after listening to snow shed off the roof and now insomniac so writing this. In a few hours I will fire up the snowblower and make tracks to my truck, dig it out, and get on with the day. I need a cup of coffee…


Thanks for reading; feedback welcome.

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