Manual vs automatic

Don’t let ANYone sell you a snowblower with the idea that it runs itself – it requires YOUR muscles: calves, thighs, shoulders, back, gluteals….especially on a side hill. Three hours and two-tenths of a mile later, my driveway is beautiful. It’s a fleeting attraction because, despite the sweat and effort to blow a foot and a half of heavy, wet, new snow, there is more in the forecast. This must be Weather 101 for the new guys on the evening news. I mean, when there’s a major front like this, you want to take advantage of the opportunity to instill confidence in your new meteorologist so you hand him this assignment: Just tell the folks it’s going to snow all month. It’ll break all records for December. Remind them repeatedly that 45 inches is NOTHING compared to what the month-end total is going to be. They can boast and brag and inevitably make accurate predictions when it’s like this. There’s nothing to doubt: WE’RE GONNA GET SNOW.

Can’t complain about the economics of the snowblower, though. What else makes your life (ahem) “easier,” while using less than a gallon of gas q. 3 hours? That’s the up-side. The downside is that gallon usually runs out at the bottom of that two-tenths of a mile driveway hill. It would be good exercise, something I’m all for, except the winter boots I chose to wear were extra heavy duty steel-toed babies. Translated: Very firm thigh and calf muscles.

I have 3 gallons still on hand. Let ‘er snow!


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