Snow, rain, melt, freeze, ice

9 January 2009. Shoveled the driveway curve yesterday, determined to get rid of as much slush as possible before things froze again. You know, spring is only 71 days away (officially) and if we’re going to see ANY dirt under all this snow, we’re going to need to help it along. Thus my efforts at narrowing the gap between warm firmament and frozen terra firma and exposing all layers in between to warmth and friction in an effort to speed the melting process along. I don’t especially want to leave the accumulated snow to turn to slush to turn to mud, and I’d like to see a few dandelions pop up in my lane before they show up anywhere else. So. There you have it. As good an excuse as any for getting outside and working up a sweat.

Kelly showed up to lend a hand, did up a cord or more of firewood. Joe shoveled off the porch roof, avoiding disaster at least twice. I’m sure we’d have noticed his absence and a foot or elbow sticking out of the snow eventually, but I don’t think he trusted us to come looking so took care into his own hands and made sure he was present for dinner which, by the way, was a nice change from elk:  chicken casserole. The leftover cottage cheese and pears are calling me now, along with the recent Neflix delivery, Everything is Illuminated. Fire is stoked, dog is snoozing and I’m headed up to bed with the player to watch a movie and call it an early evening. Sometimes it’s a good thing to be home alone.


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