Time Warp

On the road again...

Leaving it all behind, and looking ahead to the next adventure.

So the last time I posted was in 2008 and here it 2011 – three years.  A lot can happen in three years. Say your significant other had a problem with monogamy. Say you returned to Alaska, to mining, and were ecstatic to be back. Say the site you worked on as an operator and crew lead was reeeeeeeeeeeeally an underground pot-growing operation and what little gold was actually produced was a cover for the real money-maker. Say the friend who helped you cut wood in 2008 came up to visit you, got detained by the DEA, AST, Vice Squad, and all the other law and drug enforcement officers focused on a specific operation (ours!), only to find you in handcuffs sitting on a block of wood. Say you have to leave everything behind and head to town, and he’s so darn supportive you suggest getting married just to keep life interesting. Say he says yes. Say you were kidding? Not a chance.

Yes, it’s been an interesting few years. I even got married along the way, which is about the only regular thing to have happened in that time span.


Thanks for reading; feedback welcome.

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