As the wind blows…

Tomorrow is the first of June, the beginning of the end of the first half of 2011 – already. That’s a word I’ve used several times – already, and it causes me to be aware of how quickly time passes as I get older. I wonder if it’s because, in our everyday lives, we’ve ceased to experience discovery.  I don’t measure time by paycheck or weekend or plan, but each time I look at a calendar, I realize how much is behind me – shouldn’t there be a landmark, an event to mark the passage?

So I’ve determined to start noting things of mention, happenings that maybe aren’t memorable in themselves but deserve more than a glance – a visit, a curious dragonfly, eddys and swirls on the river, a remarkable sky, wildfire smoke, or even a road crew. I’ll comment here, where I’ll remember and appreciate and, perhaps, if you’ve stopped to read, it’ll cause you to notice, too…


Thanks for reading; feedback welcome.

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