It’s a dreary day for early June. The sky is white and low, fog smothering the treetops, but the birds are happy and so are the deer, so I must have little to grouse about. Spring cleaning is coming a bit late here; 18 months late, to be exact. The last I spent any time here at this house was Christmas ’09, a happy holiday season full of food and family. In the ensuing months, the place has seen visitors come and go to hunt, cut firewood, or generally escape the city. It’s time to do a bit of catch-up.

The deck needs a good scraping and fresh coat of paint, the cupboards could be wiped out and re-lined, and all the bedding is destined for the washer and plenty of sunshine. The deer and wild turkeys are all for it, milling around the yard, glad for the crumbs and leftovers tossed their way. If only the sun would come out, it would feel like true summer vacation.

Nonetheless, the lilac bush is in full bloom, its heady fragrance filling the kitchen as the bouquet from two days ago wilts on the dining room table. There is plenty to refill and refresh, but for now I enjoy just watching the purple fade. No sense wasting a bit of the wonderful scent.

Cookies, potato salad, and coffee. Not necessarily in that order. On with the day…


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