Corners and Cobwebs

House closing has been delayed til month-end. Kelly smacking his forehead in frustration with his work, but enjoying some diversity. Typical stuff with subordinates, methodology, paradigm stretching has him reaching for chocolate chip cookies and Cheetos. Poor man, he chose this and finds it entertaining, but O what we do to make it all worthwhile.

So now that solstice has come and gone, I’m already noticing the fading daylight. It’s 3 a.m. here in the Interior and, while it hasn’t gotten truly dark, the dusk is not what it was when I could go outside at 2 a.m. and take a walk in broad daylight if I wanted to. One of these nights I’ll push through the dusty jamb and close the window against the bite of cooler weather. It’s a numbers game, and the zero mark is starting to chug in my direction.

Overall, I’m becoming settled. It’s a sneaky thing, to feel a root where none existed before, to want to find that place for every thing. The sellers planted for me, are sharing poblanos from the greenhouse and celery from the garden, enticing me, rewarding me, thanking me for loving their home. I’m not feeling it yet, the full effect of being planted, but as I pull carrots and cut herbs and assume the role of permanence, I’ll care about washing windows. It all comes down to the importance of corners and cobwebs, doesn’t it?

Finally, I’m feeling 54 years creeping up. You can’t ignore the symptoms of adhesive capsulitis – thank God, by the way, that I don’t work with these words anymore – stiff knees, various powers of reading glasses and actual lined bifocals. I’m understanding the advantages of a health savings account in addition to health insurance. It’s 3 a.m. I sleep so much less as I get older, I’ve given up trying to make my body conform to the clock. In fact, I do believe it’s time to bake peanut butter cookies, mix up a batch of bread dough, and sit on my deck.

Enjoy the weekend, eh? .


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