It’s back. I need to turn lights on to see again. Was it not a mere two months ago I was remarking on the endless daylight, the ability to stroll after midnight in full daylight?  And now I’m using lightbulbs.

I guess I don’t mind. I suppose I enjoy driving toward a raging crimson sunrise at 4 a.m. It’s nothing like driving to work in the dark. In fact, this morning I took a picture of the sky with my camera to remind myself  that, when the sun is coming up at noon, mornings really do exist – I just have to wait half a year for them to come around again.

That said, I like the changing season. It’s still full-on summer, but along about August I start looking forward to fall. Not a very popular mindset according to daylight-loving friends, but if I had to choose between endless summer daylight and brief light of winter, hands down I’d choose lavender. That’s the color of an arctic winter. The days are not merely tinged with purple – the very air is lilac, the hills glowing pink and shadowed with violet. Regardless of the length of the day, there’s nothing to compare it with.

Unless it’s the northern lights. Brilliance is defined by standing beneath an onyx sky illuminated by a universe of brilliant stars. Near midnight the overhead begins to undulate with a faint glow that builds to a crescendo of greens, blues, yellows with waves of orange and crimson washing across the heavens. Summer can’t hold a candle to the show of winter.

The prelude to it all is autumn. With its golds and reds and oranges, the crispness of dried leaves and appearance of ice-rimmed potholes, the air is filled with anticipation and the sense of urgency is hard to ignore. I’m a lover of chaos, the opportunity it presents to create order, and autumn certainly allows for nothing short of being prepared. Maybe that explains my preference for this incredible season of change, I don’t know, but it’s time to start getting ready.


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