It’s A Pretty Great Life, Isn’t It.

There’s not much about “new” that gets me excited. I like my stuff broke-in, with value-added of sorts. I broke in my greenhouse the other day, added a little ventilation when I was trying to dislodge the snow on the roof. It can be fixed, but my kids demanded that I not climb the ladder to do that until someone else was home. It’s the first time in my life the children have made this parent feel aged. I’ve climbed a ladder or two in my time; done it in the dark in a howling storm, as a matter of fact, to fix the chimney cap. And I lived, obviously, thank you very much. But I acquiesced, mainly because I felt bad they they figured I needed to be protected from myself. Well, I didn’t actually feel bad; it was more like I was compelled to come up with some other worrisome activity to cause them heartburn like they’d done to me a time or two. Delicious anticipation, that’s what I felt. I believe I can outdo myself with the intent to cause premature gray hair in my daughters.

It’s sure been warm here in the interior. It’s been a regular heat wave of degrees in the positive. Today it was nigh onto 50 degrees above zero, and then some. We’re all running around in shirtsleeves, sans jackets and gloves, and I haven’t plugged the truck in for at least a week. That’s saying something for Interior Alaska, and it’s gonna bite when we get back to serious winter again. I think February is just a bit too soon to break out the shorts and plant tomatoes, but it sure is a welcome break from -50.

Motor manual – ever heard of those? The precursor to Chilton manuals, my better half gets misty-eyed at the thought of reading about old trucks and parts and their repair, so I found a load of them on Ebay for his enjoyment and sent him the link by email. He called me right up and told me how great they were, did I notice the difference in the covers of the old books and the new ones? This man is a crack mechanic, can fix darn near anything with a piston and fuel, and I shouldn’t be surprised that a book cover changing from blue to green would be remarkable to him, but it made me laugh. He doesn’t care what vintage the manual is addressing; all he wants to do is READ the thing. Seriously? Read truck repair manuals for the fun of it? Eh, whatever makes papa happy makes mama happy so for $4 and postage we’ll fill another bookshelf with Motor manuals for heavy and medium trucks. Did you miss the woohoo in that? Yeah, read it again, this time with enthusiasm.

Speaking of warmer temperatures, spring really is only a couple of months away. As long as you don’t dwell on how long winter seems when the days are short and dark, once we start adding minutes in the double digits there is a noticeable change in the attitude catholic of a place. People linger longer, dare to stay after work to take in the daylight and window shop or gawk at the scenery, and there’s no rush of traffic to get home and off dark roads. Folks are looking forward to the days when they can see the sun until 7 p.m. rather than 3:30. Already it’s still light out at 5 p.m., which is probably nothing to folks in America Proper, but when we’re into daylight full swing and can play baseball at midnight and on into the wee hours, we haven’t forgotten the 6 measly hours of daylight we’ve endured all winter. And when it hits an eye-popping 100 degrees close to the arctic circle, we get pretty smug about it all, believe me. In the meantime, we appreciate every degree above zero and every extra minute we’re gaining. Summer’s galloping at us.

I have a perfect life. With all the hiccups and mistakes and backpeddaling, the fixes and re-do’s and patches, the apologies and regrets and missed opportunities, it couldn’t be better. How dull, how uninspiring, and how lacking in adventure, spice and discovery it would be to live without any of the aforementioned so I’m grateful and appreciative for all that is mine, has come my way and hit me on the noggin, tripped me up and forced me to examine the alternative. All in all, it’s a pretty great life, isn’t it. Check the punctuation, for there’s no question about it. It IS a pretty great life.


3 thoughts on “It’s A Pretty Great Life, Isn’t It.

  1. HI Rene’ – I never knew you were so philosophical. You didn’tn strike me that way when you were here. In any event, be careful up on the roof. As we age I think our equilibrium gets thrown off balance. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I read the thread the other day when the girls were yelling at you for getting on the ladder in the greenhouse. I had to chuckle to myself. You my dear friend are anything but old and feeble. They should go spend some time at the old folks home so they can see what an old person is like. 🙂

    The mood around town is getting better. I’ve noticed it too. I have a feeling we will be getting hit one more time. I like all of the seasons though so no biggie if we do.

    Thank you again for being such a fantastic friend Rene’. True friendship and selflessness is a rarity.

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