I’ve been on a vegetable jag lately. Curry and Chinese noodles and sauces and lots of vegetables. I went to the base commissary with a friend and was blown away at the quality of vegetables offered compared to what I find at Safeway, Fred Meyer and other ‘civilian’ outlets. I found some off-the-wall ingredients, too, especially in the Asian cooking section, like some rice seasonings that include seaweed. It never occurred to me that kind of thing would come packaged all-in-one, but since it did I bought it. Had rice and salmon the other night and didn’t use it, but maybe I’m waiting for a plain rice meal that needs to be spiced up. Speaking of curry, though, I made pita bread and, of course, I had to make some humus. My husband spent quite a bit of his growing up years in the middle east and corrects my pronunciation: It’s “Hoe-Moes,” says he with one eyebrow raised. Whatever. It’s ground-up garbanzos to me. With curry. A little avocado and tomato sliced or chunked into that pocket and plenty of beany garbanzo/chickpeas ground up into humus/homos or whatever you want to call it. Plain and simple, it’s yum.

I’ve been making smoothies, too – bananas, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, flax seed, pears, apples, whatever is in my fruit bowl. I haven’t ventured into the green drinks yet – whizzed kale? Hmm. That’ll take a little longer. For now I feel rather smug that I’ve added soy milk to my smoothies. I use the vanilla Soy Dream, and can’t even taste it. I used milk and it’s different, but with the soy milk all I taste is fruit. Yay for me; my daughter drinks it straight, but I’ll stick with the fruit disguise.

And, since it’s February, I ordered seeds. $150 worth, to be precise, and a some change. Lettuce and beans, tomatoes and cucumbers and squash, and radishes and potatoes – er, no potatoes yet. I’ll have to find them locally as what I wanted isn’t shipped to my area. Nonetheless, I’m undaunted and looking forward to little red jewels hanging off the vines in my greenhouse. Did I mention melons and squash? Just think of the melon smoothies that could be made straight from the garden – potent! And tonight it snowed. It figures. Plenty of time to dream, and plan the next terrace to be dug out of my yard to make room for the potatoes and gourd plants. Mainly, though, I need a fence to keep the moose out. Apparently my garden has been on the menu for quite some time, but I’m going to start practicing a little discrimination and hopefully send them on to the neighbors…

Ah, the lull between winter and spring. Is there anything that drags on longer?


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  1. Boy it sounds like you’re going to have one heck of a garden if you can keep the animals out. Do you have rabbits up there too? I’d love to have a garden- or I think I would. I don’t know when I would tend to it though; the boat and fishing pretty much eat up my spring and summer. It would still be nice to have some REAL tomatoes though. Several people from the lower 48 have attempted to send me some, but as you can imagine they didn’t fare too well in the postal system. I’m personally not into smoothies and all that, but I do like melons a lot and other fruit when you can get it. As you well know though, it’s terribly expensive to eat nutritious here in Hoonah town. Have fun making plans; spring will be here before you know it.

    • I have a bit more yard, and a lot drier wx here than you have there, Tom. Yep, there are hares here, of the snowshoe variety, and my experience proves they’re as bold as any garden thief you’ll find anywhere. Between them and the moose, I almost have to dig a foot down and string razor wire over the top to thwart the mischief. Gardens are two-fold pleasure: one, to be in the dirt and sun, fully absorbed in the essence of growing and, two, reaping the harvest, canning, drying, and freezing. The one is equal to the other in my book. I wish I could grow chocolate…. 🙂

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