Time to Chill

Summer is coming to a swift end here in the Interior. Rain has been abundant, bringing welcome relief from the pall of wildfire smoke we’ve suffered under lately. I welcome the increased darkness, a herald of temps to come. No reason to hurry the first frost but to sweeten highbush cranberries. Hillsides have begun their morph from green to gold, yellow, orange, and crimson. Who might not appreciate the beauty of autumn?


I woke a few mornings ago before dawn, a half light deceptive to sleepy eyes. The garden lay silent, the deck shimmered in frost. Not wanting to believe summer utterly defenseless, I walked barefoot onto the boardwalk. No frost, but a heavy dew covered everything at ground level. Absent were bird sounds, insects buzzing among potato plants, sunlight peaking through trees as had greeted me the past ninety-plus days. This morning was chilly and damp, huddled before the formation of autumn’s advance. In the quiet, I surveyed the stillness, and bade a gentle farewell.


2 thoughts on “Time to Chill

  1. I once devised an exercise in writing in which I could say nothing subjective. Every phrase had to be objective, black and white, fact. There was nothing to surmise, no insight, no dream. It was bleak and I found it impossible – not that I couldn’t do it, but it was empty. It left me an observer, more keen on the nuance of a thing than the concreteness of it. It got me an “A” in a technical writing class.

  2. I love the fall but always get a little meloncholy. I hate for the fishing season to end, although this one never really got off the ground for me. I don’t like winter and I know that it won’t be long in coming. If I could just spend the holidays here and leave for a warmer climate for a few months, I think I could be content- I think. I want to be able to get in the car and drive somewhere besides out the logging road or to Costco in Juneau. You write so seriously- I always am left thinking about what you’ve written. Glad you took the time to post.

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