What? Hide this?!

Welcome autumn equinox 2012.

The sky this morning was breathtaking, stimulating, awe-inspiring. Yeah, all of those. It was crazy beautiful. I’d raised the shade beside the bed before turning in last night, thinking maybe I’d get lucky and would wake at 2 a.m. to the northern lights. As usual, I slept like a babe and didn’t wake up until dawn’s early light. And what a light it was. It got me up four times to awe and ooh over, take videos panning the yard and, finally, just this one single photograph that proves my claim that winter light, air, universe in the arctic is VIOLET. That’s right, the air is purple. The snow is purple. Mountains and sky are purple. But that’s winter and this, obviously, is still autumn and full of color, a beautiful golden orange blaze of color. Heck of a thing to wake up to, and very hard to take if you want to go back to sleep.

The light wasn’t quite as spectacular this afternoon when I captured Camo Cat hoping the birds wouldn’t notice she was in their favorite feeding spot.
My daughter acquired her while attending college, and named her Frida. She’d never been outside until coming here, and it took only a day for her to become fully an outdoor cat, enthralled by ants and bees, breezes rippling through the grass, and gravel. Frida loves gravel, squirming and rolling and stretching out in the sun on the bumply rocks where she’s met for her daily belly scratch and cat massage. She’s spoiled, and completely unaware that her very presence foils her intent. Entertained, we suffer her mock attacks on furry boots, dust bunnies, and the unfortunate fly buzzing the windows.

I too am spoiled in this place, full of beauty, full of simplicity. I almost feel boastful, guilty, for posting the view out my window. To me it’s never plain, never dull, never the same. Life as I know it, on my terms, in my language.


2 thoughts on “What? Hide this?!

  1. Wow! That is breathtaking! I love sunrises and sunsets. A person would have to be half dead to sleep through that scene. You get more color in your trees there- what kind are they? We of course have the alders and cottonwoods here, but a lot of the time the alders just turn a little yellow before turning brown and falling off. The tree over on graveyard island always gets pretty bright and there’s one that stands out every fall on Game Point that can be seen from town. I love this time of year, but not what comes after. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    • We have predominantly birch in the yard, along with some aspen and spruce. And one brilliant yellow one that I wish I knew the name of – it’s my favorite and hasn’t lost a single leaf yet; who says yellow is just for cowards?

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