Never Too Old


I believe that, apparently, obviously. I do. I’m past the half-century mark and back in school. Funny, it took a day of shoveling snow to come to the conclusion that I’m ready to move on with MY life, doing what I want to for myself. The youngest has graduated college, has entered the rodent race of life, and has set up house with a friend. Moved out, moved on, on her own. For good. That means Mom has free reign, carte blanche to pursue ‘the dream,’ whatever it may be.

The decision on what that may be has been made. The future looks bright for the motivated. My motivation? To get my husband retired, fixing bicycles on a street corner, building wagons in the shop, fabricating and creating and enjoying his talents. He’s earned it and I want to help him get there.

Easy for me. I’ve always worked. He’s made it possible for me to take two entire years off serious wage-earning to garden or travel or sleep in – whatever my heart desires. Now it beats to return to a learning environment toward a specific end, and that end is definitely in sight.

I’m ready. So is he, full smile and bird-flying ready.


2 thoughts on “Never Too Old

  1. Hi Rene’- It’s a good feeling to be free to do whatever. It still takes money, but if you’re not worrying about everyone else, then it opens up a lot of possibilities. It’s only been recently that I felt like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I just wish it paid more. Good luck on the higher education.

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