Holy Smokes! Spring is right around the corner!!

IMG_0034Last year my spring hope sprung on March 25, according to a blog post of that date. I can see the days lengthening, but any warmth from the sun is only my imagination because it is still COLD here in Alaska interior. That’s alright; I’ll take the opportunity to peruse and abuse my Seed Savers gardening catalog, changing last year’s plan, scheming new plots that reduce lawn and increase capacity for growing food, and preparing for many early mornings playing in the dirt. Lest I forget, this is the year to be creative with pest control, aka moose deterrent. Maybe they dislike potatoes enough that planting them around the perimeter of the yard would work; I’m game. Sure wouldn’t be wasted effort. This year a section of the yard will be turned into an extension of the garden, ahead of the plan to put a carport over the existing garden area. I’ll lose the convenience of having all my efforts right off the deck, but gain an acre of new ground in exchange. I think I’ll be rock-hounding, twig- and branch-twisting, arch-making, path-building, and generally reveling in creating a new garden. All we need is to drill a new well and half the work is done.

Six weeks, six weeks, six weeks….


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