Such news. It comes more often these days, the kind that makes me take stock of all I’ve been raised to believe, and have discounted over the years. I wonder about it frequently; why, I’m not sure, but the thoughts aren’t fleeting anymore. I think about mid-life changes, crises, milestones, events, even elusive goals – if I remember them. What I’ve achieved is behind me, only a memory, rather meaningless in the present scheme.

So I think of the future. That it’s meaningless, I mean. It hasn’t happened yet. Doesn’t affect me yet. Can’t count on it, can’t depend on it, no guarantees. I guess, because I’ve thought about it a lot, I do like it that way.

I have today. Now. Right now, not wrong now; right now. Excellent. As it’s meant to be. The gift of a morning, waking and being grateful for just that, only that, is enough.

My friend is afraid. And I don’t blame him; tomorrow could be filled with fear, dread. From here I hold his hand, regret all the times I said no when yes would have been fine. Each time, for different reasons and good ones, no became more frequent than yes and now, if there’s to be a yes, it means Today. I hope for you, that as you wake morning after morning, each today is a surprise, a gift. Especially I hope that today becomes everything you hold dear because one of the surprises, the best of the gifts, is that each day is forever, however long it lasts.

Is there more?


Thanks for reading; feedback welcome.

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