Coming Soon

AK Chronicles Chatham cover


3 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. Hi Rene’
    Is this your book? Where is your name if it is, or are you using Chatham as your pen name? I love the cover! Who is publishing it, and if I may ask, what is it costing? I’m in the process of getting the third one done and I’m kind of negotiating with the publisher now so I’m always looking for a better deal. Keep me in the loop gal, I want to get a copy if this is it. Nice, very nice!

    • Yep. I did the cover myself from a pic one summer when I was bushing it. Summer was drizzling into fall, and it was a damp morning I woke to; the wood was dry and coffee strong – perfect.

      My name is on the actual cover, but I like my presence online to be as anonymous as possible, for as long as I can manage to keep it that way. Chatham is the first in a series of The Alaska Chronicles, but I agree – Chatham would make an excellent pen name. It would be a stretch of identity for the sequels set in the Brooks and elsewhere in the state, though totally appropriate for what the place means to me.

      This one is simple e-publish effort, but I’m looking at a couple conventional publishers for the others. Amazon has an interesting marketing concept, and worth a test. For the cost of getting it out there, I have no problem doing it myself and seeing how it goes. I’ll let you know.

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