It’s a Sunday

Hot. I took a picture of the thermometer on my deck, in the shade, that read 100 degrees. My sister lives near Anchorage and said they had 58 degrees. That’s quite a difference for a couple hundred miles – or, maybe not. I’ve lived most of my life in southeast Alaska where the temperatures between Juneau and Sitka and Port Alexander and Kake and Haines are generally pretty much alike. If it rains in Hoonah, it’s probably raining in Juneau. Sitka could be the exception, fronting the Pacific Ocean and sharing the view with Japan.

The fans are going here in the house, and in the room above the shop. The tent we set up on the deck to escape the heat upstairs is still too warm for me so I trudge up to my bed and turn the big fan on full-bore for a hour or so, and leave it on all night at low setting. Still, things are warm, and I pack the fan back downstairs with me when I get up at 3:30 or 4:00 a.m. All the windows are open and the poor cat may almost be asking for that shave and a haircut when she meows at me in the miserable heat.

It was a good day. I got all my work done and sent off for review. It was a convoluted project; I was warned, and indeed it turned out to be something I had to walk away from more than once just to stay focused. I was glad nobody was home or I’d have found an excuse to do anything but sit before the laptop and work.

The trees are moving, wind is blowing, and fires are burning around us. The closest so far has been only 5 miles away, a small one that was “quickly” doused. Another, 10 miles away, rapidly consumed hundreds of acres and I’m grateful for the crews who don heavy hot turnout gear to keep us and our homes safe.

Solstice was two weeks ago now and, like other years, it kicks off my eagerness for fall. I’m threatening to plant a late crop of broccoli for the errant moose that wanders though, sparing me a hunting trip and easing the work of harvest. The road is dusty, the plants are thirsty, but today everything was right in my world evenso. These are the days that reset my clock. And Kelly has eaten three fruit popcicles…


4 thoughts on “It’s a Sunday

  1. We had a stretch of eighties a week or so ago. For the past two days we’ve had blessed rain. We need it for the fish. I’m glad we don’t have to deal with fires so much. We still get the smoke from Canada some years which is bad but not like having it in your back yard. Sounds like things are going well for you- enjoy it gal. I’m glad to hear your project is finished- I’m looking forward to the final product.

    • Tom, last night a real drencher hit us with thunder, lightning and more water than could fall out of a bottomless bucket – it was glorious! Seems to have broken the heat streak or, at least, bent it a little. I’m sure it didn’t hurt the firefighting effort, either.

  2. The morning started with a cool breeze but the day ended with a flat 80. I made a quick run into Fairbanks Saturday and it was too hot and too smoky, kinda makes me glad to be sitting on top of a hill miles away near Livengood….now if only I could figure out how to get away from the mosquitoes….how long till Labor day?

    • It’s been a scorcher summer, but complaints are meaningless and ineffective and, really; what’s the point? Just another tree falling in the wilderness for all the good it does. Right this moment I’m feeling rather smug that not a single skeeter made it inside the tent, and they’re batting themselves futilely against the screen. Victory any way you look at it.

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