Season’s Howl

Society's Howl
Here it is again
Last year’s news
Showing up as expected
As if by invitation

Some creep in the door
Others swirl and drift
With no dramatic entrance
Until nobody notices

And then out comes the hammer
The Big Gun, the IRS Notice
You can’t escape and
Must read, accept

Winter comes calling
Invading, advancing, entrenched
With no retreat; in fact, no horn
and no white flag

Yes, here it is again
With more than a foot in the door
Feet encased in ice
Chainsaw for water


One thought on “Season’s Howl

  1. Holy Cats gal! Is that from this year? All the more reason that I live in Southeast. We don’t even have termination dust on the mountains yet. Maybe we’ll get lucky this year and have another mild winter.

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