Day #1 of the 1st month of the 14th year of the 21st century

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This is what the last morning of 2013 looked like from where I stood. It was white, cold, and just about perfect – considering there was no time left for improving 2013. And that’s about all I have to say about it, a summation that credits 365 days with plenty of opportunity, 12 months – or eight-thousand, seven hundred sixty hours – of effort, about thirty percent of which time I might be found with my mouth open, snoring. For those assuming I sleep 8 hours every night, that worked out to be 7.2 hours of every 24-hour period. But who cares, and who’s counting. Statement of fact: nobody.

I happen to like January. It’s a clean month, usually snowy or rainy, which is all the same to me in winter. It has 31 days, one of the 7 that rule by majority. February is a slacker, never puts in a full shift, but gets away with it by being all lovey. Even though it takes credit for a full month’s work, I’m not fooled. March takes up the slack, a robust and hearty month, full of energy and promise until April stomps on its tail. Everybody takes notice of April, gives its first day as much due as January’s. It’s a month crammed full of birthdays in my family, so no matter what day it is, I’m sure to be missing someone’s. May is rather genteel but June is the real workhorse. It strives to reach its full potential, a tall order I’d not like to be responsible for. From then on, July and August and September just ride the gravy train, looking showy and taking all the glory. Along comes October and we’re giddy with the colors and holidays to come, and before you know it we’re thankful for everything the year has given us. December is the rich kid on the block, gifted and storied and never shunned. Which brings January to the forefront again, the month of new beginnings, fresh starts, clean slates, hope and promise.

I should have named each of my kids January. They could have their own middle names, but January – now that’s a name to be noticed, celebrated. Maybe I’d have named my eldest January March, the middle one January April, and the youngest January June. Who knows what’s in a name, but the correlations certainly seem true enough. Me? I’d be October, and not for any reason other than I never wear orange but I like the color. Go figure.

But here we are, the first day of 2014, and already I have no complaints. The only worthy resolution I can think of is determining to overlook anything that might cause me to complain. Sounds rather daunting looking back on 2013, but I have a feeling it’ll be easier than one would expect. Let’s see how it goes, eh?


7 thoughts on “Day #1 of the 1st month of the 14th year of the 21st century

  1. Not a big fan of any of the winter months up here. Love Alaska- hate winter. Always have, with the exception of my time down in the deep south when I was in the navy. The boys wrestled several fellows from the same family who were all named Anthony. They were a Philippino family with all six or seven boys with the same first name. I would think it would cause a bit of confusion, but you would never forget the kids name I suppose.

  2. Yes, not like the rest of us that get messages from Yahoo saying we are not on-line yet gmail is working perfectly. I always like winter. This winter has been strange with my chimney falling off and all, but so far, it still works, so I am still enjoying winter.

    • One raging, stormy southeast Alaska night, in the very center of winter, the dog woke me out of a sound sleep. The upstairs was filled with smoke, and I tore downstairs to find more smoke – but no fire. Literally – no fire. The wind had taken the cap off my chimney and the woodstove was filled with water which, of course, put the fire out and filled the house with smoke. Out into the night to climb onto the roof to replace the cap, then back into the cold, smoky house to bail out the stove and start a fire in the dark by lantern light. Those were a miserable couple of hours. Come to think of it, I distinctly remember feeling rather adventurous, hauling my pregnant body up the ladder in the middle of the night. Wait – the perfect opening line : it was a dark and stormy night… Yeah, bushrats like us, eh? We do okay.

      • LOL, yup. My cap is off my stove right now and I am really hoping I don’t end up the same way. Well, not pregnant since I am 71 years old, but having to climb up on the roof which is metal with several feet of snow on it to make it even better. The jerk that volunteered to clean the cap unscrewed the locking chimney sections, then didn’t lock them back before he left. I can clean the rest of my chimney from inside. Just not that cap. It is a rather steep roof and a very long fall……

  3. Oh how I will miss January…not! January is still a bit cool and dark but this year I will remain in the warm arms of Texas and my grand kids. Not to fret I will arrive back in time for the (cooler?) month off February and of course home in plenty of time for the ice festival, Yukon Quest and my personal favorite the ‘outhouse races’. Stay warm and keep the runway open *_*

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