Food photographer I am not, and I make no claims other than I’ll take a picture of what I know I’m going to like and this I liked – a recipe for biscuits that calls for no butter, no shortening. It’s not a secret (heavy cream), but it took me a LONG time to find this concoction and it’s absolutely fantastic. The added butter, honey and blackberry jam notwithstanding, I could suggest it’s diet food but, well, why lie – eat enough of these and I promise you’ll have one in your hand while you’re standing on the scale. This is just one biscuit split in half so I could add my favorite jam and local honey – nothing diet about that.

I also like the photo app I used to tweak the picture. Since I’m NOT a food fotog, I skip the organic effort and opt for the canned variety – Tangled FX. It produces some pretty gnarly results with your phone which, for now, is good enough for me. To see some outstanding tweaks check out Planetalaska on Instagram – totem poles, beach treasures, and an abundance of all things southeast Alaska. Since she turned me on to FX, I’m happy to crow a little for her pictures. She’s also a writer and a poet. You can find really good ones here in Alaska.

Enjoy Day #2 of the new year.


5 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. You know well I guess you don’t but I am sitting here in Texas with my grand kids and a picture I took of my lunch. I have been composing a posting for it but never finished and saw your photograph of the breakfast &*%#@ now it will look like I used your idea..darn being old and slow does have its drawbacks.

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