It’s Only a Picture

ImageFish. Salmon. King salmon. Salmon from the saltwater of southeast Alaska. There is nothing like fresh-caught salmon, nothing. At least not in my world. I like it poached, barbequed, baked, hung on a stick over the fire, wrapped in foil and nestled in the coals, in rice, on rice, as a side to rice. Call me a southeast gal, I’ll gladly do what I can to live up to it. I like king salmon, no doubt about it.

I don’t care for Copper River kings or other fish caught in fresh water. There’s something firm, alive, delicious about a saltwater fish that fights to live among the seagoing predators, is crafty and fast and a sucker for a good flasher or favorite hoochie. There’s nothing like southeast king salmon.

Okay, so I’m partial and biased and prejudiced, and I hope I have the wherewithal to remain that opinionated for the rest of my days. When you buy salmon, be sure of where it comes from, when it was caught, and how it was cared for. It does make a difference.


4 thoughts on “It’s Only a Picture

  1. Salmon. You either love it or you don’t. Since I’ve fished commercially, I know good from not so much, and kings can’t be beat. I’m partial to wild Alaska fish, have gathered silvers by the laundry basketful when I worked at a hatchery on Chatham Strait, and I stand by wild kings as the best food on the planet. That’s next to abalone, of course, and shrimp and dungeness. Halibut is fine, but falls below the others; maybe I’ve pulled too many gonads?

  2. Just got back from the first opening out on the coast for kings. The weather co-operated… for the first day. Good enough to catch fifty three kings and some cohos. Not much size though, about 10.49 lb average. About forty percent of the kings were hatchery bred. I’m not going to complain though. We’ve been paying a three percent tax to the hatcheries for years, so it’s nice to actually see some of that money back. You’re right, nothing like a fresh salt water caught king on the grill!

  3. You may think I am nuts for saying this but when my son BBQ’s some salmon down in Texas is it the best I have ever tasted. And yes I know it is not Alaskan Salmon but when he does his magic well….it is heaven!

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